Based in jaipur india, los angeles us, london uk, with over 7 years of web hosting experience, Linux hosting world provides cheap reseller web hosting services with us and uk dedicated servers. It has been seen as a wise move to become a reseller over the years. As a person that is looking forward to offering reseller hosting to other people, we will be in a position to help you with the process. Our team of professionals will be able to set aside resources for you as our client who is looking for hosting services. After we have hosted you, you will now be in a position to host other websites using the resources allocated to you. The hard drive space allocated as well as the bandwidth provided will be partitioned into the number of people you are reselling to. This is a wise business move, and you stand to make some profit from it. As your company of choice, we will help you all the way and provide you the guidance you will need in becoming a reseller. As you look forward to becoming a reseller, the advantages that you will have include: No maintenance costs charged: yes, you are providing hosting services to many websites. Even so, you are not in charge of all the maintenance that comes with hosting services. This is our responsibility, and we will carry it out correctly You are directly in charge of your income: there is a certain amount that you will be charging everyone that wants to be hosted by you. When you receive this money, we have no part in it. It is entirely yours. This goes to say that the more the number of clients you have, the higher your income will be. You only have to set your focus on the customer support: Now that you do not have maintenance responsibilities on your shoulder, the beat you can do is to stay your focus on offering great customer support t the customers you have. We will be taking care of everything else and especially the technical parts of the server, therefore, taking the burden off your shoulder. You have control over the resources: before setting up your reseller hosting, you will purchase resources from us as stated earlier. You will be responsible for allocating resources to the websites that you host. If you need any help, we will be in a position to help you at any given time. Being a reseller means you have more control over your resources just like we have with ours. Making the choice of being a reseller requires a lot of professional support, and that is what we will give you. With us, you can look forward to being an excellent reseller without any disappointments or disappointing your customers. Just like we are excellent, you will also be excellent.

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Install Your Favorite Apps
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We want to make your hosting experience as easy as possible. Do you need a blogging platform, shopping cart, community form, or other programs installed on your shared hosting account? If so, we make it easy! All of our shared hosting account offer the ability to easly install a large number of popular programs. No need to worry about system requirements to follow complex technical steps. We have taken care of that for you!
support outstanding

I found Linux Hosting World's support outstanding both before and after my purchase. Response time for several issues for me has been within 10 minutes. Plus, Linux Hosting World went out of its way to take care of all issues related to transferring my site from my old host to Linux Hosting World.I cannot imagine a smoother transition. I strongly recommend choosing Linux Hosting World.

"Once again, Linux Hosting World  has earned my appreciation and business. As you know, there is a lot of competition out there for web hosting and domain name registration. Time and again I use In Motion Hosting because the level of professionalism, ease to reach an English speaking, American support individual combined with easy to understand, transparent and reasonable fees cannot be beat. Not anywhere. ""Donna B,
Small Business Owner

Instant Account Setup

There's nothing worse than having to wait for your account to be manually reviewed and setup, at some hosts this can take several days. At Linux Hosting World your account is setup instantly after payment, absolutely no waiting required!

Easy Upgrades

We offer easy upgrade paths with trouble free migrations. Switching between packages is very simple and can be done without any downtime. If you've outgrown a shared package we can move you to a VPS, giving you more resources and freedom without any downtime.

Free 24/7 Professional Support

Our Support team will always be with you 24/7 for you needs. Unlike other hosts our in-house technicians provide true 24/7 support. Our support will never be outsourced and is only provided by our own skilled technicians.