Instant Dedicated Cloud ServerBased in jaipur india, los angeles us, london uk, As a hosting company, with over 7 years of web hosting experience, we also offer cloud servers to our clients who need them. Cloud servers are becoming very popular in the society today, and they require one to rent a virtual server space. When you are hosted on a cloud server, the resources that you will require will be accessed through many servers as cloud hosting majorly involves the spreading of the resources a website will need across many virtual servers and maintaining these resources there. These resources are accessed when a need arises. Unlike the other kinds of servers like the dedicated servers or the VPS, the cloud server eliminates the need to host your website on one server. The different virtual cloud servers that host the website are what we collectively call cloud servers. As a growing technology, many people are turning to it because it has numerous benefits that cannot compare to the other traditional methods we are used to. Yes, it is unique and different, but it is also an excellent choice one can make because: It is highly scalable: with cloud servers, different resources are spread across many virtual servers, you will be able to choose the most vital resources that your business needs and pay for these only. When you grow to a place where you need others, you can then expand and include them too. Highly reliable: the cloud servers are very reliable in that you can never experience too many downtimes as compared to other servers. This is because when one server fails, another server will take up the job of providing you with what you need. It is very cost effective: with scalability comes cost effectiveness. You will be able to choose what you are going to pay for as per your needs. This means that you can make the budget you need to work with and stick to it. They are secure: basically, they are not located in some physical location where they can be accessed and destroyed by people who mean harm. This factor makes them very secure for all your needs at all times. Easy to set up: there are no hurdles with setting up cloud servers. It is a smooth process and does not require a lot. Our dedicated servers are inflexible for any size of business. High take steps, sufficiently redundant, and honorable servers to meet and exceed your issue needs. We'as regards easily reached 24x7 to control, sticking together, and to make supreme your server is happening therefore you can focus re your issue. From single core servers when a single processor, to a abundantly redundant dual quad core to 16 CPU core server forward hardware exploit, all servers can be upgraded once added memory, hard disk's, processors as adeptly as hardware act at the reduction of order for a one off setup cost. We have orgranized and merged UK and US data centers. Various critical mission-based business applications require specific performance, compliance, and security needs. Hence, we offer customized private cloud that gives you managed, dedicated, and secure environment for business applications. We ensure you with right technology and architecture for optimal performance as we believe in offering an extensive range of architecture, deployment, and management services for private cloud for different business applications. At Servers world, you get a standard structured approach to private cloud solutions for your critical business applications. While implementing our private cloud design and development, we take care your both your current and futuristic business necessities to scale via virtual private cloud environments.

Features of Private Cloud
The private cloud offers higher data security and privacy features because it provides an infrastructure on a private network.
Private cloud hosting provides more control for your highly confidential business applications.
This web server enables you to manage and change your resources as per your business needs.
Private cloud is easily accessible and provides easy customization features.

Server Model Speed Memory Hard Drives IP Bandwidth Setup Fee Price
Intel Atom C2758 2 x 2.4 Ghz 8 GB
  • 200 GB
/29 10 TB Free
Intel Atom C2758 4 x 2.4 Ghz
  • 16 GB
  • 400 GB
/29 25 TB Free
Intel Xeon E3-1240 2 x 3.4 Ghz
  • 8 GB
  • 200 GB
/29 25 TB Free
Intel Xeon E3-1240 4 x 3.4 Ghz
  • 16GB
  • 400 GB
/29 25 TB Free


Available Operating Systems
openbsd ubuntu freebsd centos debian gentoo windows server fedora coreos opensuse
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